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Do you have notes that need to be typed but don’t have time to do it yourself? Do you have an audio file that needs to be transcribed? Then I can help.

I offer copy typing and audio/video transcription services in English, French and German.


I transcribe audio and video documents with one or multiple speakers. I accept documents in the following formats: tapes, CD, DVD, USB key, mp3, WAV, WMA and AAC.

My transcription services include:
• Transcribing into a Word document
• Proofreading the document
• Researching on the Internet to ensure correct spelling of uncommon names and places whenever possible
• Verbatim transcription (i.e. omitting the ‘ums’, ‘errs’, ‘you knows’, ‘kind of’, ‘sort of’, repetitions due to hesitation, laughs, coughs, etc.) if requested.

Please note that the standard guidelines for transcription are 1 hour to transcribe 15 minutes of good quality audio recording. Other factors such as poor sound quality, background noises or multiple speakers will make the document more difficult to transcribe and will be charged at a higher rate. Transcribing a video document is also more time consuming and therefore more expensive.

I type handwritten or printed documents such as letters, books, articles, etc. in English, French and German.

My typing services include:
• Typing the document in Word
• Proofreading the typed document against the original copy. Please contact me if you wish your document to be free of spelling mistakes or be edited.


For my transcription and copy typing rates, please click here.

For a free quotation e-mail or send** your manuscript or tape/CD and deadline.

If you decide not to use my typing services, I will send** you back the material.

If you decide to go ahead, 50% of the fee is to be paid when you accept the quotation. I will start the work upon receipt of your payment. I will notify you when the work is completed and send you an invoice for the balance. The payment of the balance will be due before I can release the work to you. The fee is not refundable but I am happy to correct, free of charge, any errors left in the final document if notified within 5 working days of the work delivered to you. By accepting my typing/transcription services you agreeing to the Terms & Conditions for Typing and Transcription Services.


** For material sent by post, please enclose a stamped and self-addressed envelope/jiffy bag, so that I can return the material safely to you.



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